Babysantana real name: How Old is the Rapper?

babysantana real name is Danielle Bregoli, and she was only 13 years old when her video went viral in September 2017. Since then, she has joined the likes of Cardi B, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose by becoming an Instagram influencer with over 3 million followers. Babysantana has also become something of a meme (along with her mother) and has appeared on Dr.

babysantana real name

babysantana real name

How Old Is The Rapper & The Rest Of Her Glee Castmates? Babysantana, How old are all of her Glee castmates and how much did they weigh as babies. I want to find out his real name. How old is he today and when was he born? Also, what is his age in 2020 and 2021.? And where does he live now and how many albums has he made so far? Check out for more facts about baby Santana!

Profile of BabySantana

  • Although BabySantana (real name, Travis Canty) started his rap career as a solo artist, he’s now most known for being one half of the Latin hip-hop duo, BabySantarosa. Hailing from Miami Beach, Florida, he began recording music and uploading it to YouTube in 2010. He launched his career on Instagram in 2013 with a post about having an artistic vision and sticking to it despite criticism.
  • Since then, he’s amassed more than 3 million followers on Instagram alone and close to 2 million subscribers on YouTube as of 2017. In addition to rapping, BabySantana also produces and directs music videos. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album at the 6th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2018. His debut album, The Santana Effect was released in 2016.
  • The following year, he dropped his second album El Niño Volador which featured collaborations with artists like J Balvin and Ozuna. He has since collaborated with other artists including Bad Bunny, De La Ghetto, and Anuel AA. His latest release is Amor de Niño Volador featuring Ozuna which came out in January 2019.

BabySantana Age

What Is The Rapper’s Birthday And How Old Is He? // If you want to be one of BabySantana’s little monsters, it will take a lot more than just being obsessed with his music.

The rapper isn’t into social media and thus has kept fans in suspense about several things including what his name really is, his age, and his relationship status. Luckily for you, we have done some research to bring you answers to all of these burning questions.

Keep reading to learn more about BabySantana! Here are five things you never knew about him! (1) BabySantana Age: February 2nd, 1996 (2) How old was BabySantana when he got famous?

What Is BabySantana’s Net Worth?

BabySantana has had a very successful career as a rapper. In fact, in just a few years he has risen to fame, and currently, his net worth is estimated at USD 2 million.

How did he become so rich though, how old was he when he made all of his money? Does Babysantana have any upcoming concerts or new albums that we should be aware of? What are some surprising facts about BabySantana that we might not know just by listening to his music?

All Things About BabySantana

BabySantana has a lot of experience in her 27 years. She’s been a famous rapper for several years and she’s had lots of success. But how much do you really know about her? Do you know what her real name is, for example? It turns out that BabySantana and Santana could actually be two different people depending on who you ask.

One person with knowledge of how old is baby Santana says that there are actually several members of the baby Santana crew including some rappers, singers, songwriters, and composers all involved in music production so it can be tricky to figure out who all makes up baby Santana crew. As far as how old baby Santana goes though if you want to find out then you should take a look at these pictures!

Here we have some pics of baby Santana that were taken over time so they show how old is baby Santana as well as how tall she is and how much weight she has gained over time! The photos also include details like how long her hair was at each point along with how many tattoos she had at each point.

There are also tons of other facts about BabySantana too such as where she was born and when, where she grew up, which schools did she attend, which languages does he speaks (if any), etc. If you want to learn more about BabySantana, check out these photos below!


how old is baby Santana antisocial

In 2016, a lot of attention has been given to BabySantana’s age. Many believe that he is much older than he claims. So we asked ourselves, How old is baby Santana antisocial? Is he a college student or a 23-year-old rapping about illegal activity in his lyrics because it seems cool and edgy?

Unfortunately for his fans and followers, we’ve discovered many different conflicting reports on how old he really is. This raises some important questions about who might be writing his songs and potentially misinforming him about things like criminal records.

how old is baby Santana rapper

babysantana real name

First, how old is baby Santana rapper Babysantana (real name)? Here’s what we know. She was born in 1993, which makes her 23 years old as of 2019. (Cue party horns and confetti).

She also earned a degree in psychology from Boise State University. Now that you know her age and educational background, let’s talk about how she got her start in music… And to be honest, things didn’t exactly work out at first. After a few unsuccessful attempts at becoming a professional athlete – basketball player, soccer player, dancer – Babysantana switched gears to become a rapper…and that worked!

baby Santana age 2021

If you’re curious about baby Santana’s real name and how old he is, it won’t take long to learn. Baby Santana’s age in 2021 isn’t a complete mystery, but there are still some unknowns. Like many rappers of his generation, Babysantana aka Roberto Carlos Santiago has been on stage since he was very young.

His Instagram account shows him performing at age 15 with his older brother, who performs under Lil’ Zaydoonyommymama. By that time, Babysan had already been writing rhymes for four years and was on his way to being formally trained in music production and rapping techniques by established artists and industry professionals in his native Puerto Rico…

where does baby Santana live

Baby Santana (real name Ylanna Pimental) used to live in Union City, New Jersey. It’s unclear if Baby Santana still lives there or where she moved after getting evicted. She said that they struggled a lot while living in Union City, but her grandma was always there for them and made sure she was taken care of during their time of need.

Now Baby Santana resides on a tight budget and has moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend and five-year-old daughter. Her child attends daycare while she works on her music career.

babysantana real name

Santana Pérez Molina is a celebrity famous as BabySantana. He became famous on social media with more than 26 million followers on Twitter, more than 16 million fans on Instagram, and more than 20 million fans on Facebook. The real name of Babysantana (His real name)is Santana Pérez Molina.

His zodiac sign is Sagittarius (December 17th)and his age is 2021. His height is 168 cm and his weight is 58 kg. BabySantana’s net worth is US$8 Million and her salary is US$4 Million per year. How old is baby Santana’s rapper?

What gender is BabySantana?

While BabySantana does use gender-neutral pronouns on their social media, we don’t know for sure what gender they identify as. It’s possible that their parents don’t know BabySantana’s gender yet—they’re only 2 years old! Though in 2018, some people have speculated that BabySantana is nonbinary.

Some people think that because they often choose a mix of traditionally masculine and feminine outfits or hairstyles to wear. They could also be gay or transgender but haven’t come out yet, just like many other famous child celebrities.


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