You know it has everything to do with the bedtime routine for newborn tody topic

night of sleep so you all know I am huge un consistency so before we even get into an ideal bedtime routine the biggest thing you need to know is that you have to do it the same every single night .

Upper bonds on the phone talked with parents on the phone and they say hey tell me about your bedtime routine and then like my wet and they

don’t even have anything in place and they’ll start to put little bits and pieces out there like well you know there’s sometimes we do a bath or sometimes

we feed downstairs or sometimes we watch a show all these little things if we can have a systematic bedtime routine every single time.


it actually is not going to like find you into a prison that’s what some families think some families think that having a structured bedtime routine 

means you can’t have freedom anymore but what you don’t realise is that when you have a structure it actually opens up your life

to be more flexible more freeing because your baby knows what to expect I constantly tell so take the bedtime routine that we’ve implemented

copy and paste that and bring it with you on vacation so having a consistent bedtime routine happens at home but it also happens on the go now there are a few things.


who are currently three and five years old we don’t watch screens an hour before bedtime see blue light actually blocks the release of melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone? 

 that queues your child up to fall asleep and stay asleep and if we’re on our phones if we’re watching screens if we have that blue light around us that’s why it’s actually harder to fall asleep


and have a good night so screen time it’s gone don’t include shows don’t include any type of blue light access for your child during their bedtime routine

 the second thing I need you to avoid kind of seems obvious but I got to call it out anyway is sugar or any type of energising food they could get your child amped up

but if you’re talking baby then we actually have to avoid food about an hour before they have their bedtime feed so this isn’t for all baby age I focus on ages from like 6 to about 9 to 10 months

I like to see this small grouping of babies not have dinner time solids and then immediately go to their bedtime because what can happen as they get full on their solids 

then they’re not as interested in having that bedtime bottle and then that becomes an issue for the night time so absolutely just checking to make sure for your older child there’s 

 not a lot of sugar and then for your baby if they are in that smaller age group we don’t want to be stuffing them with solid and then expect them to eat massive bedtime bottles.

the third thing I need you to avoid is moving all over the house OK if we can keep your baby’s bedtime to like one location their room okay maybe bonus two locations the bathroom and their room great but

 you don’t need to be going up and down all over the house to do these different pieces if you maybe have other kids then it’s fine if you’re maybe going to their own for a moment or this place


  1. soaking in the tub
  2. Moving into nightwear and a new nappy.
  3. They’re being put to bed.
  4. I’m going to bed and I’m going to read a bed time story.
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  6. To build a relaxing environment, dim the lights in the room.

 but if you can designate it’s bedtime it’s time to go to like you know that sounds super fancy that wing of the house or that area of the house then great but we’re not going to just go all over the home.

as you try to kill your baby up for sleep the last thing I like to avoid would be like direct sunshine OK I am perfectly fine with all the lights being on but it can be really helpful


to go ahead and to close the blinds closed the curtains make sure that they are not like directly in the sunlight as you’re trying to keep them up for sleep remember what I said about melatonin while our bodies 

 start producing melatonin an their triggered to make melatonin when the sun goes down so when the sun is getting low into the Sky when the sun is setting that’s when everybody say hey time to amp up that melatonin production to get things working for your baby.

 so I don’t like sunshine in the baby’s room when it’s time for bedtime during the day yeah open up the curtains all those good things that are actually a really good step that I teach however right around this bedtime.


we need to avoid any amount of like kicking sunshine into babies eyes were trying to keep them up to go to sleep here soon overhead lights not super concerned about that we will turn those off at the end of bedtime right

When do newborns start sleeping for longer periods of time?

Most babies sleep the longest at night about the age of six months. Between 6 and 10 p.m., most babies are ready for bed. They normally fall asleep in less than 40 minutes, although some babies take longer. At this age, a baby’s sleep cycles are more similar to those of an adult, resulting in less night waking.

The ideal bedtime routine step one is the bath I absolutely love bath first of all if you have a baby with eczema or maybe you can’t do that every night it’s OK don’t stress out as you’re taking notes like I can’t do better every night it’s okay

a quick wipe down with a washcloth that will suffice but bath is an engaging and fun time for your baby this is not where we’re like putting music on and dimming the lights that’s for you later but baby bath is fun so enjoy that time it’s so great

in fact, if mom you’ve been the one on duty for this maybe see if your partner can come in and help because it’s a great time for you to just go take a few minutes and chill well-baby has fun in the bath so a bath is first to have.


fun enjoy the second step I love to just pick baby right up slip a diaper on them wrap them in a towel and feed them through this is so contradictory to what you probably hear being taught right you might be feeding your baby to drowsiness

Is it possible to put a baby on a sleeping schedule?

There is no one-size-fits-all sleep routine for 3-month-old babies. Instead, most 3-month-old babies can sleep several times during the day and night, with a cumulative sleep time of 16 to 17 hours every 24-hour span, similar to newborns.

 or feeding your baby to sleep I am anti all of them because even from day one you can teach your baby to be awake on those feeds now just a little sidenote here if you are a newborn mom listening they are going to be feeding for comfort

they are going to be falling asleep while nursing or well by being bottle fed it’s OK don’t stress out about that let’s look towards the future as you are aiming to keep your baby awake on that bedtime feed it’s so important I love the naked feed time because there’s nothing better.

clean make it baby one of life’s greatest pleasure so enjoy that sit there poke baby tickle them talk to them got the lights on all that good stuff because their job is to eat as their main focus right now

which is where he sleeps and I know it’s recommended to keep your baby in your room sleeping with you until around one year of age but for our family personally we just find that baby sleeps better and I sleep better if the baby is in their own room however I do encourage you to do your own research

Can I feed my baby in the middle of the night?

Newborns who have been sleeping for longer periods of time should be awoken to eat. Until your baby shows good weight gain, which normally occurs during the first couple of weeks, wake him or her every 3–4 hours to eat. It’s fine to let your baby sleep for longer periods of time at night after that.



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