How Did Robin McGraw Lose Weight? 1 Of The Truth Behind Her Transformation

How did Robin McGraw lose weight? Did she go on an extreme diet? Did she drastically cut her calorie intake and spend hours at the gym each day? Well, not exactly. Here’s how the star lost weight, along with the truth behind her transformation and why she made it happen in the first place!

There’s no magic pill How Did Robin McGraw Lose Weight?

Robin is quite open about her struggles with weight loss, which goes to show that there’s no magic pill or quick fix. Rather, it’s a gradual change that involves hard work and dedication. But it is possible! If Robin can achieve such great results, so can you!

She had to make lifestyle changes

Robin has indeed been through gastric bypass surgery, but she had to work at losing weight in other ways before she went under the knife. In her early 40s, Robin says she started gaining weight rapidly because of medication side effects and age-related hormonal changes.

She tried every diet and exercise regimen she could get her hands on, but nothing worked for very long. Eventually, she went to an endocrinologist who told her that bariatric surgery was a viable option.

But Robin didn’t want to rush into it just because it was there; instead, she signed up for a physician-supervised weight loss program that helped her develop healthy habits and kickstart a lifelong journey of healthy eating and fitness.

A proper diet was key

Robin McGraw’s old diet was full of inflammatory fats and sugars, which caused her to pack on pounds. So, when she lost weight for a new role, she made sure to start with a balanced diet first, filled with plenty of lean proteins.

She didn’t rely on fad diets or extreme exercise regimens: Instead, Robin followed a sensible plan that helped her slim down in all of the right places and stays healthy for life. You can learn more about how Robin McGraw did it by clicking here.

Exercise was key

Robin McGraw’s secret to losing 30 pounds was very simple: She wanted to be healthy for her daughter. I want to live long enough to dance at Sophia’s wedding, she told Self magazine in 2010. That’s what motivated her: She didn’t want her health problems to get in her daughter’s way of marrying and starting a family.

So McGraw said she started eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and exercising four days a week—and it paid off big time. She lost a total of 30 pounds over two years and ended up looking 10 years younger than she had before!

Losing weight isn’t hard if you have the right mindset

Often, when we’re trying to lose weight, it’s because we have an end goal in mind. Even if you don’t have a specific event or goal you’re shooting for, that can be enough motivation for you to get started and begin forming good habits.

But having an end goal isn’t always easy: If you aren’t sure where to start, doing research and figuring out what kind of lifestyle changes will help will be key.

That said, success is always possible if you focus on learning how to succeed with your goals instead of failing at them—and that starts with knowing what to do right now so that later on down the road your efforts pay off.

She lost weight with an exercise program tailored to her needs

Though Robin has never publicly revealed what she did to lose weight, she likely lost it with an exercise program tailored to her needs. Most experts agree that if you’re going to go on a diet and/or exercise program, you should have a doctor or dietitian assist you.

It’s best for your health, and it’ll help make sure you’re getting everything from proper nutrition to enough rest.


Robin told Kelly Ripa in January 2011 that her husband is pretty strict about what they eat at home, but since going on Live with Regis & Kelly in January 2010, she confessed she’d started cooking more because the results really show. We can only hope she lets herself splurge every now and then!

Diet change took some trial and error, but finally, she found her groove
Robin isn’t one to diet, says Lisa Finn, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist in New York City. Instead, she focuses on whole foods and portion control.

  • Here’s how she changes it up: 1. Eat three mini meals every day—that way you’re never really hungry. 2. Fill your plate with lots of veggies, because they’ll fill you up without packing on calories or carbs as grains do. 3. Cut portions by putting half your meal in an airtight container for another meal or as leftovers for lunch or dinner tomorrow—and get creative with how you eat them!

Workout helped her stay accountable

Fitness expert Robin, 58, worked out with personal trainer Michael Dansinger for nine months to help her get fit. Robin said working out helped keep her accountable during her weight loss journey. I do an hour of exercise daily, she told PEOPLE in March 2017.

It doesn’t feel like exercise when you’re having fun and it’s your best friend there with you. Robin’s hard work has paid off: She dropped 40 pounds in total and looks more toned than ever! Being overweight is a state of mind, she explained to Women’s Health magazine in January 2018. My husband Keith [Abraham] and I have always loved food—it was one of our passions.

Staying motivated was important for success, so she focused on how good she felt after working out
That’s what I remind myself of when I feel like quitting.

When you are actually doing it, it is not as hard to get through. You just push yourself for a little while and then, you can stop. At first, it was so hard for me because I couldn’t get my heart rate up to that level without stopping, but over time your body adapts and once you know how far you have to go to achieve an elevated heart rate and then make yourself do that for longer periods each time—you will be amazed at how much longer you can exercise before having to stop.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

It’s easy to get discouraged when you want to lose weight and realize how difficult it is, but learning from someone who has been in your shoes—and continues to be there—can make all of the difference.

Robin McGraw, for example, credits much of her success in losing weight after having children to meeting a woman at a support group who had successfully lost 100 pounds. I have met so many women over these last ten years that have made me feel that I can do it too, Robin told Prevention Magazine.

You might find an encouraging buddy at a local gym or Meetup or support groups in your area, but if you’re unable to find someone willing to work with you one-on-one there are other ways to get help.

She did it!

If Robin McGraw can do it, anyone can. From eating real food to avoiding processed foods and following a consistent workout routine, here’s how she did it. We’re guessing she started out by making small changes in her diet and exercise habits

(no one is going to transform their body overnight) but we were curious about exactly what worked for her. So we asked her! Here are her best tips for how she lost weight

robin McGraw’s diet plan

How Did Robin McGraw Lose Weight?

Robin McGraw has been on a mission to lose weight for a long time now, so she must have a good plan. But what is it? Some ways would probably surprise you. In fact, they’re all things you can do at home – no expensive gym membership or pricey meal plans necessary! Let’s take a look at Robin’s diet and see how we can get her results without her methods:

1. Portion Control: It seems like an obvious one, but portion control is such an important aspect of losing weight and keeping it off. When food portions get too big, there’s no way anyone can eat as much as they need to maintain good health – not even Robin!

robin McGraw’s diet

Robin McGraw has said that she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2001, which motivated her to overhaul her lifestyle. Today, Robin is still fighting type 2 diabetes and promoting healthy eating habits.

While there’s no Robin McGraw diet, we know that like most women, Robin tries to stick to a balanced diet and works out regularly (McGraw does Pilates three times a week and does weight training once a week).

robin McGraw’s weight loss

Robin’s weight-loss journey took about a year and a half to complete. And it didn’t happen overnight—the 52-year-old said she made small changes, like incorporating more salads and fruit into her diet, as well as walking an extra mile a day, which is how she lost 30 pounds. It wasn’t like some crazy thing where I was just hungry all day and eating everything in sight, Robin told Shape. It was just portion control.

How Much Exercise Does Robin McGraw Do?

Robin has been a dedicated gym-goer for years. One of her favorite routines is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. She does sprints and jumps rope to boost her heart rate for 45 minutes, as well as exercises on a stability ball.

On some days, she’ll swim laps in her pool—she can do one mile in less than 10 minutes! She also makes time to lift weights with resistance bands, which she says sculpts her arms while building strength in other parts of her body.

How Did Robin McGraw Lose Weight?

Robin McGraw lost a significant amount of weight, going from a size 18 to a size 4 in just one year. But she didn’t do it through strenuous workouts or radical dieting – she did it by choosing foods that would help her lose weight and choosing to ignore them when they didn’t.

She also pushed herself to be more active and get regular exercise, like long walks with her husband at night. Check out our guide on Robin’s journey here! And find out if her diet plan will work for you!

What are the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet?

In a nutshell, a ketogenic diet switches your body’s primary source of energy from carbohydrates to fat. This change in fuel source changes how certain hormones operate within your body. In particular, it dramatically increases levels of a hormone called leptin while decreasing your production of another hormone called ghrelin.

Both of these changes have positive effects on weight loss and overall health. To learn more about ketogenic diets and their impact on hormones and metabolism, read on… It’s no secret that there are countless benefits to exercise.

What is the Ketogenic Diet

Our bodies are conditioned to rely on glucose as a main source of energy. But most of us in modern society eat too many carbohydrates, which is why there are so many different diet plans out there. However, one diet that’s been making headlines recently is called keto—short for ketogenic—and it allows you to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Read on to learn more about how Robin McGraw lost weight with the keto diet and what you can expect if you give it a try.


Robin Mcgraw is an inspiration to millions of women across America, both for her work as a famous doctor and her personal story. She’s been open about her struggles with food and gaining weight over time, but she’s also proved that it’s possible to achieve weight loss goals without being skinny. It might take some hard work and time, but changing your habits and lifestyle can result in big changes on a small scale. No matter what you look like on the outside, love yourself for what you are on the inside!

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