How long is 32 weeks? A lot can happen in 32 weeks – here’s what you need to know!

An informative guide on how long is 32 weeks. This article covers everything you need to know to help you prepare for childbirth.

When you’re pregnant, it seems like time flies by. But when you’re not, it can seem like the weeks just drag on. Here’s how long 32 weeks is, and what you can expect to happen during each stage of your pregnancy! How long are 32 weeks? A lot can happen in 32 weeks – here’s what you need to know!

How long is 32 weeks

how long is 32 weeks calculator

Some women keep track of their pregnancy by counting how many weeks they’ve been pregnant. If you’re wondering how long it’s been since conception, it may be helpful to look at your calendar and then plug those dates into a calculator.

In fact, several pregnancy calculators let you enter key dates such as your last period or your ovulation date, then deliver an estimated due date or calculate an accurate estimate for conception (i.e., about 38 days after ovulation). You can also use these same tools to figure out exactly how far along you are now.

how long is 32 weeks equal to

32 weeks is equal to 9 months and 4 days, making it 2 months longer than a typical pregnancy. The exact time when a woman conceives, however, can vary greatly.

If a woman conceived on January 1st (January has 31 days), her baby will most likely be born around September 21st; however, if she conceived on December 31st (December has only 30 days), her baby would most likely be born around April 5th.

In general, month 6 of pregnancy will be when your baby’s fully formed and starts moving more frequently and kicking inside of your uterus; this will also be when you may start feeling some fetal movement as well as an increase in morning sickness.

how long is 32 weeks

  • Each month lasts four weeks and one day, making twelve months total. The first month of your pregnancy, which begins with conception and ends when you get your period, lasts 28 days.

Subtracting that from 12 months leaves you with how many extra weeks in pregnancy: how long is 32 weeks? Looking for more about how long a week or month is? Check out How Long Is a Month and How Long Is a Week ~~~ Some women feel sick during their first trimester; others don’t feel anything until they’re into their second trimester.

Some even say they felt great throughout all three trimesters! Whatever your symptoms are, it’s normal and every woman experiences them differently.

If you’re worried about how long 32 weeks is (or any other part of pregnancy), talk to your doctor—he or she will be able to help ease any concerns you have. And remember: 32 weeks might seem like a long time now, but before you know it, you’ll be welcoming a baby into the world!

32 weeks equals how many months

What happens at 32 weeks depends on your baby’s gestational age, but here are some milestones at 32 weeks: Your baby will have a full head of hair and his eyes will be open. It’s also around now that he should start putting on weight, though if you’ve been gaining an average amount, your doctor may not notice.

Your baby has grown to more than 12 inches (30 centimeters) from crown to rump and weighs close to 6 pounds (2.7 kilograms). If he was born at term (37–41 weeks), he’d be about 2.5 percent of his expected adult weight—making him proportionally heavier than a full-grown adult male lion or gorilla!

What happens when you’re pregnant for 30 weeks
How long is 32 weeks

Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but doctors divide it into four periods: first trimester (first 12 weeks), second trimester (next 12 weeks), third trimester (final 4-5 months), and postpartum (the time after you give birth).

Every week in your pregnancy has a different name that describes both an important development milestone and a common symptom.

So how long will your pregnancy last? If everything goes smoothly, your baby will enter its seventh month of growth at 32-34 weeks. In other words, 32-34 weeks=7 months=30-31+1 week of pregnancy.

31 Weeks Pregnant – Baby’s Development

One of the first developments that happen around week 31 of pregnancy is that your baby will start to produce digestive enzymes, and put them into action.

Your baby’s intestines have begun producing amylase, an enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates, including milk sugar (lactose). And your little one also produces lipase, an enzyme that helps break down fats. The Baby’s teeth are now being developed as well.

Your baby’s milk teeth have begun forming beneath his gums. They will not emerge until he’s about 6 months old. When they do come out, they will be replaced by permanent teeth.

how long is 32 weeks in months

how long is 32 weeks

It’s understandable if your mind starts racing at just that simple question. After all, how many months are there in 32 weeks? The answer may surprise you: none! That’s because a pregnancy trimester isn’t based on a calendar month or any other period.

Instead, doctors use trimesters to measure and describe each phase of fetal development. Trimesters are typically grouped into three equal parts (first, second and third), although there are some differences between first-trimester pregnancy trimesters and second-/third-trimester pregnancy trimesters.

32 Weeks Pregnant – Here Are All The Changes That Will Happen To You & Your Baby

During your 32nd week of pregnancy, your baby will now weigh between 4.4 and 5.3 pounds. He or she has grown significantly over just a few weeks, increasing from around 1 pound at 30 weeks gestation to between 3 and 4 pounds today.

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If you’re like most pregnant women, chances are that these changes have been noticeable for some time now. At 32 weeks pregnant, many moms-to-be start feeling their baby move about inside of them for the first time – which is often a big moment for expectant dads as well!

The Final Months Of Pregnancy, 33-37 Weeks

Your baby has now reached 32 weeks and it’s only a matter of weeks before she’ll be born. During these last few months, there are lots of physical changes that your body will experience as well as emotional changes.

Although every pregnancy and birth is different, I’ve provided a list of things to expect over these last four months. You can view my post on 30-32 Weeks here: 30-32 Weeks

37 Weeks Pregnant – Hospital Stay

When it comes time for delivery, many women are excited about learning whether they’re having a boy or girl, as well as finally meeting their little one.

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However, some pregnancies don’t go as planned – and may require a stay at a hospital. If your pregnancy has reached 37 weeks and you’re expecting to deliver, learn more about how your stay will likely be scheduled.

As with most things in life: It depends on you and your doctor’s specific preferences; however, there are some general timelines that most doctors prefer to stick by when it comes time for delivery.

As such, getting familiar with these standards may help inform both patients and caregivers on what changes – if any – should be expected during delivery.

How many months old is 30 weeks?

Sometimes it’s easier to understand when a period is expressed as several months instead of just weeks. At 32 weeks, your baby may be considered full-term by your practitioner. If he was born prematurely, he’ll still have an accurate gestational age (the same amount of time that passed since his last birthday).

But if he stayed in your uterus until now, his actual age won’t match up exactly with his expected due date (which may be more than two weeks before or after).

At around 37-38 weeks, your OB/GYN will evaluate your baby’s growth and health once more. This checkup is called a level II, which usually takes place between 36 and 38 weeks.

What month would it be in 32 weeks?

According to Baby Center, it would be in early March. In 32 weeks, your baby will be more than 1 foot (30.5 cm) long and weigh around 3 pounds (1.3 kg).

He’ll have moved into his last stage of fetal development and will spend his time practicing breathing, sucking, and swallowing so he’ll be prepared for life outside of your uterus.

According to Baby Center, it would be in early March. In 32 weeks, your baby will be more than 1 foot (30.5 cm) long and weigh around 3 pounds (1.3 kg).

He’ll have moved into his last stage of fetal development and will spend his time practicing breathing, sucking, and swallowing so he’ll be prepared for life outside of your uterus.

How many weeks is 9 months pregnant?

Nine months of pregnancy lasts from conception to birth. 32 weeks of pregnancy is when your baby will reach 5 inches long, including his or her head, and weighs more than 3 pounds.

That’s a lot of change over nine months—and it’s not even including all of that growth that happens before your baby arrives (and after he or she departs). Here are some other milestones that tend to occur around 32 weeks

What is my baby doing at 8 months pregnant?

You’ve come so far, and your baby has been developing all sorts of important skills that will make his or her arrival a little easier on both of you.

The time between eight months of pregnancy and delivery is a bit like watching paint dry – there isn’t much exciting going on day-to-day, but plenty is happening behind the scenes.

With eight months left until delivery, your baby will be able to hold his or her head up unsupported, roll over from tummy to back and maybe even move around while lying on his or her stomach.

They might also be starting to sleep more soundly at night—you may start noticing an increase in sleep at about 8 months pregnant.

Fetal development at 8 months pregnant

At eight months pregnant, your baby has grown from a tiny embryo into a fully formed fetus that has reached about 16 inches (40 centimeters) and weighs about 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms). Babies born after 8 months gestation have an excellent chance of survival.

The most obvious change over 32 weeks is your baby’s size, which increases by about a third, but there are plenty of other changes going on inside him or her too.

Your baby’s heart begins to beat regularly at week five and his or her blood vessels start developing at 10 weeks. Both male and female fetuses have genitals beginning at 12 weeks, but it will be another two years before they become functional reproductive organs.

baby weight at 32 weeks

At 32 weeks, your baby weighs roughly 1.7 kg (3 pounds). She’ll be about 55 cm (22 inches) long and her body parts are more fully formed.

Her skin will have a thin layer of downy hair called lanugo that will fall out soon after birth. It isn’t uncommon for babies at 32 weeks gestation to start taking small breaths outside of the womb, which is called premature birth.

If you’re pregnant and your water breaks or labor begins before 34 weeks gestation, talk with your doctor or midwife right away—especially if your pregnancy is considered high-risk because of medical problems like diabetes or pre-eclampsia.

how long is 32 weeks in years

Your baby’s head may be between 5 and 7 inches (13–18 cm) long, and his body will be about 14 inches (36 cm) from head to rump. He’ll weigh almost 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

Most of his bones have formed, though they may still be a little soft at the ends and aren’t fully hardened until he is about four months old. His toenails are fully grown, but still very soft and difficult to see through all that soft skin.

how long is 32 weeks ago

32 weeks ago, your baby was just about three inches long, weighed about a pound, and was learning how to suckle from your breast.

Now that he or she has reached 32 weeks, though, things are starting to get really exciting. Your baby’s now able to focus his or her eyes for much longer than before and may even recognize you when you talk or sing. This past month has been all about preparation for life outside of your womb.

how long is 32 weeks of pregnancy

To figure out how long a pregnancy lasts, you’ll have to look at a few different factors. The first and most obvious factor is whether or not you are pregnant with one baby or multiple.

The average length of pregnancy for one baby is about 40 weeks, but for twins, it’s closer to 38, and triplets and higher up around 35 weeks.

You also have to take into account whether or not your due date was calculated using an exact method or if it was estimated by how far along you were supposed to be from your last period.

Some doctors will calculate an estimated due date within a week of when your last period occurred, some will estimate within two days, while others might estimate based on a four-week spread.

how many months is 32 weeks

32 weeks equates to about 9 months, though it’s actually a little longer due to your menstrual cycle. A healthy pregnancy will usually last between 38 and 42 weeks, although there are cases where pregnancies have lasted longer than that or shorter than that.

It’s best not to worry about an exact number of weeks—if you end up going over 42 weeks, don’t stress! Your baby will be just fine.

how many days is 32 weeks

It’s been 32 weeks and your baby seems like he or she is a whole new person—but still not quite ready for all that newborn stuff. While it might feel like 32 weeks have gone by quickly, there’s no doubt that a ton of things have happened during those four months.

Here are some of those big milestones and life changes that happened over those 32 sweet weeks with your little one. (This list doesn’t include everything, but hopefully, it’ll help give you a sense of how many things have changed!)

how long is 32 weeks from today

Using a calendar, write down how many days, weeks, and months it will be until 32 weeks from today. Take note of any holidays that are scheduled as well. If there are any delays on your project, schedule them now so you don’t have to rush last minute.

How many months until 32 weeks: _ How many days until 32 weeks: _ How many hours until 32 weeks: _ How many minutes until 32 weeks: Days Off between now and 32 Weeks: Date Holiday Event Wed Sep 6 Labor Day Sun Oct 8 Columbus Day Mon Nov 12 Veterans Day Tue Nov 13 Thanksgiving Fri Dec 25 Christmas Mon Jan 1 New Year’s Day Total Days off/delay for 32 Weeks = 3 delay days Total Number of Months before Deadline = 28 months

how far along is 32 weeks

How far along are you? That will depend on your due date, but 32 weeks is definitely very far along. If it’s been more than a few days since your last period (if you had one at all), and especially if you’re showing other signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness or a missed period, it may be time to take a home pregnancy test.

If that comes back positive, then congratulations—you’re having a baby! If not, call your doctor for an appointment so they can check out why things aren’t going as planned. You might be having some early contractions or some other problem with your health that needs attention immediately.


In today’s post, we explored 32 weeks. We looked at how many weeks are in a year and we also looked at when a human baby develops inside its mother.

As it turns out, human babies develop pretty quickly while they are inside their mothers. I hope that you have learned some interesting facts about pregnancy from my post today, thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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