Lizzo Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 8 Pounds and Kept It Off

Lizzo Weight Loss shares her healthy lifestyle tips, favorite recipes, and workout routines designed to get fans in the shape

Lizzo Weight Loss

I’ve been struggling with my weight my entire life. In fact, I used to skip every activity that involved running or playing sports as a kid because I didn’t want people to make fun of me because of my weight.

I was tired of feeling like my weight was going to prevent me from achieving the things I wanted to do in life, and I wanted to change that so bad that I was willing to try anything.

That’s when I discovered the ketogenic diet, which worked wonders on my weight! In just 3 months, I lost 8 pounds!

The ABCs of getting started

Any successful weight loss journey will start with exercise. Whether heading to your local gym or learning to better use your body weight in more innovative ways, moving your body is essential in losing weight.

If you want to keep that weight off once you shed pounds, it’s also essential to ensure you’re eating well; cutting down on salt and sugar will help keep your blood pressure in check.

You can even cut back on other things, like saturated fats and simple carbs—especially if you tend to reach for those stressed out or bored instead of healthy foods like fruits and veggies.

lizzo weight loss

Lizzo has lost weight, but she’s not done yet. The singer, who just dropped her new album Cuz I Love You, told Women’s Health that she hopes to drop 20 more pounds for 30. Despite working hard to achieve that goal, Lizzo told People magazine it isn’t easy. I don’t work out anymore than an average person does. Honestly, she said.

The importance of monitoring your progress

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s essential to stay in tune with your diet—even if that means keeping a strict food journal. A daily log of what you eat can help keep you accountable for what’s going into your body, says Taylor Hackbarth, RD, who has worked with Men’s Health weight loss guy Sean Allgaier.

When people start keeping a simple food log, they’re often astounded by their week-to-week eating habits, he adds. Remember that just one day of overeating can undo your efforts for better portion control.

lizzo weight loss surgery

Lizzo isn’t shy about showing off her weight loss success on social media. On Instagram, she regularly posts before-and-after photos from all angles, including stomach and legs, to show how far she’s come.

Though she is svelte by most standards today, Lizzo acknowledges that her journey was complicated. She says it has taken years to figure out what works for her body at any given time.

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Her newest trick? A combination of intermittent fasting—skipping breakfast in favor of coffee to cut out calories—plus diet tracking through an app called MyFitnessPal.

I don’t want to be one of those people who just lost a bunch of weight and then looks like a completely different person, she told Shape magazine. I want my fans to know that they can do it too. That you can lose weight slowly but surely over time.

lizzo weight loss diet AND TIPS

Losing weight is tough. After weeks of fighting, you reach a plateau. Sometimes, all it takes to kick-start your weight loss again is switching up your plan or adding in a few new exercises. If you’re looking for some new ideas on how to lose weight, check out these seven ways people across Reddit lost weight—and kept it off—during their journeys.

We’ve also included Lizzo’s story, so you can see exactly how she lost an impressive eight pounds over just one month. And because these are all real stories of people who have actually tried these techniques, there are tips from expert fitness trainers and nutritionists sprinkled throughout.

These stories will inspire you to take action and keep going until you reach your goal.
[…] Remember that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to losing weight. Just remember that everyone’s body is different, so while losing five pounds per week might be expected of someone else, if you want to maintain your progress, make sure that works best for you.

[…] That said, starting with a clean slate isn’t always possible when it comes to dieting; many people have made healthy habits out of bad ones (like eating junk food after a stressful day). As long as whatever change(s) you’re making don’t create more stress than they relieve (like skipping workouts), we’re good with them!

How much does Lizzo weight

Lizzo weighs 143 pounds on a 5-foot, 2-inch frame. That puts her body mass index at 29.8, which is considered overweight. However, at one point in her life, Lizzo was obese; she weighed 200 pounds on a 5-foot 6-inch frame.

She credits some weight loss success to healthy eating habits but also mentions that sometimes she skips meals or doesn’t eat as much as she should. And we’re not talking about just dieting; in an interview with The Cut, Lizzo said that exercise has played a significant role in helping her lose weight.

Lizzo weight and height

Lizzo, a 32-year-old female 5 feet 4 inches tall, describes her body shape as athletic. She maintains a weight of around 140 pounds.

A photo was posted by LIZZOBEE (@lizzobee) on Aug 3, 2016, at 9:56 am PDT Recently, gaining weight can be frustrating; even when we pack on pounds, they seem to be slow in coming. Instead of letting your frustration prevent you from maintaining your weight loss goals, here are some ways to keep yourself going.

Did Lizzo celebrate weight gain?

No, Lizzo didn’t celebrate her weight gain. Her weigh-in shows she gained eight pounds in two weeks which is quite concerning! She thinks she has been overeating protein because one of her goals was to get more healthy fats.

Protein tends to be digested into glucose rather quickly, so it could make her hungry for carbohydrates (which happens to most people). Because protein will raise your insulin levels, you want to ensure that you add some healthy fats or good carbs before or at meals, so your insulin doesn’t stay elevated.

The other problem with weighing yourself every day is there are a lot of fluctuations daily depending on what time of day you consider yourself and how much you’ve worked out.

lizzo weight loss before after

Lizzo may be a 30-year-old chart-topping rapper, but she wasn’t always confident in her skin. Now, however, she’s happier than ever with her body. I think happiness is sexy, Lizzo says in an interview for Love Your Selfie, a new Netflix documentary about women changing their bodies for themselves instead of others.

The documentary explores both extreme diets like crash diets and yo-yo dieting and the more subtle negative thoughts we have about our bodies that might lead to self-destructive behaviors—i.e., anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Lizzo husband

Lizzo married her husband in 2016. She has been married for more than a year now. Her husband is also a singer named Sidney Starr, an incredible singer like his wife. They have been enjoying their beautiful marriage since 2016. The couple is living happily together and might soon be planning to expand their family if sources are to be believed they

can’t stop making posts on each other on their social media accounts, which shows that they love each other so much. Currently, Lizzo is focusing on her career rather than being a mother as she is still young, but indeed when she starts having children, she will become a fantastic mother just like her husband does every day.

What does Lizzo eat daily?

What was Lizzo’s weight loss plan? Did she count calories? What kind of exercise did she do? What type of fitness routine did she follow? Were there any critical factors to her weight loss success? How much training does Lizzo need daily to stay fit and healthy?

Does she eat lots of green vegetables daily, or does she take supplements for nutrition? Whatever your question is, you will find it answered in detail below. Read about how Lizzo lost weight on her journey here.

Lizzo’s Weight Loss Journey: How She Went From 242 Pounds to Her Fabulous Self

Lizzo has been open about her weight loss journey, which shows in her music, style, and health. After years of struggling with body image issues, she had gastric bypass surgery in 2013.

Since then, she’s shared advice on losing weight and being healthier overall with fans through social media and live events. Read on to learn more about Lizzo’s weight loss journey and how you can change your lifestyle too!

The Start

Before Lizzo became a Super Bowl-headlining pop star, she was a high school basketball star in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In fact, it was during high school that she started gaining weight. According to Lizzo, it was due in part to depression and stress from bullying.

My doctors have told me I have a thyroid disorder, she said. That caused my weight to become an even more difficult thing for me. As someone who is always on stage, there’s no denying that Lizzo spends much of her time looking fabulous and flawless—so many people are shocked when they find out how much weight she used to gain. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got some issues.’

The Nutritional Side

According to Lizzo, her weight-loss journey began with lifestyle changes. In addition to becoming a vegan, she took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing. I decided I wanted to get rid of all my sweatshirts, she told SELF about losing weight.

I thought it would be easier [to do] if I had fewer clothes. But it wasn’t just about burning calories; according to Lizzo, exercise became an opportunity for self-reflection and mindfulness.

The rapper says she realized you don’t have control over everything that happens in your life—but you can take charge of how you respond. Nowadays, Lizzo feels physically and mentally stronger, which has enabled her to lose weight and become happier.

The Exercise Side

For a magic weight-loss number, Lizzo looked no further than her body. She says I cut sugar from my diet and worked out five days a week. But that was just part of it.

After she stopped eating sugar, Lizzo dropped weight almost instantly—eight pounds in two weeks—and lost even more quickly, for a total of 50 pounds in two months. Once I started working out and eating healthy food, I knew that I had to make those lifestyle changes forever.

My Life Now

Getting fit is hard. Staying fit, though, is a lot harder. Lizzo has had her fair share of ups and downs on her weight loss journey, but she’s managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for over a decade.

She says she loves living with less body fat and more life force, but it took some time for her mind and body to catch up. So if you’re looking for tips on how she got started or how you can follow in her footsteps (literally), here are Lizzo’s thoughts on getting started with your own weight loss program.

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lizzo weight loss diet

lizzo weight loss

If you’re wondering how Lizzo lost weight so quickly, it wasn’t due to a liquid diet or fad dieting. Her dedication and love for fitness gave her such a trim waistline. After spending years in dance class and being at high risk for diabetes because of her size, she knew something had to change.

But Lizzo also felt that she needed to do it in a way that worked with her lifestyle and schedule—she was serious about losing weight but didn’t want it to become another job. One of her biggest tips is simply finding time for working out, even if it means fitting a quick walk into your day while on your lunch break or squeezing in some time on your breaks from work.

Lizzo shares her top tips for weight loss surgery success!

Lizzo recently had weight loss surgery, and she has some fantastic advice to share with others who are thinking about going down the same path! She has been in the public eye lately, whether it’s her new hit single Juice or her appearance on Dancing With The Stars, and she is using her fame to help others who might be struggling with their weight! Here are some of Lizzo’s top tips for successful weight loss surgery…

All my life, I was super active
cheerleading, playing volleyball, and running track. After I had my first child in college, it was harder to stay in shape. That’s when I decided to get fit.

With time on my hands and a growing belly (my second child on its way), I got creative about workouts that were easier for me and added them into my daily routine.

Of course, exercise made a huge difference, but I also changed my diet; eating healthy foods like grilled chicken instead of fried chicken is essential when you want to lose weight fast . . . For people who are thinking about or considering having weight loss surgery, there are many things to consider before going under the knife: do you really want to change your lifestyle? Can you afford it? Will your family support you?

Things I did before my surgery

lizzo weight loss

I started working out at least 5 days a week and kept my cardio routine down. Swimming is a great way to lose weight, and it’s low impact, so if you have any aches or pains, it will not make them worse.

Yoga helped me with flexibility and getting my body used to moving in different positions. It also helped me deal with stress better because I had no punching bags handy!

What changed about my daily routine after my procedure

My weight loss surgery has changed my life in many ways. One of those is that I have become more active in my daily routine. That’s one of many reasons I love Weight Watchers – with your plan, it’s easy to stay active throughout your day, even at work.

My schedule used to consist of sitting at a desk all day. Now that I’m on a healthier track, I look forward to getting up and moving around at least once an hour while still doing what needs to be done!

I still have a sweet tooth but manage it better.

Many people who’ve lost a significant amount of weight report that they still have cravings. They might want a candy bar or some ice cream—but they also enjoy being able to eat those things in moderation versus eating everything in sight (and beyond) when they are heavier.

It’s common to still desire high-calorie foods, but having more control over what and how much you eat is good. And that feeling can help keep your motivation and your diet on track even when you aren’t progressing toward your goal weight.

I love food, but I don’t let it control me.

This is Lizzo’s number one piece of advice. Whether you want to be healthier or lose weight, having a healthy relationship with food is essential. Eating only when you’re hungry and chew your food slowly can help prevent overeating and bingeing. We all love a good snack – but are they really satisfying us?

Making sure to sit down and enjoy what you’re eating rather than scarfing it down mindlessly will also make a big difference in your calorie consumption and body satisfaction over time. If you constantly crave chips or cookies, try adding more fiber-rich foods (like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains) into your diet so that hunger pangs quickly subside.

I don’t worry about what others are eating.

The only thing I don’t eat is processed food. Eating unprocessed foods, cooking from scratch, and avoiding pre-packaged items is the best way to stay healthy. I don’t concern myself with anyone else but my family and me; that’s it. It’s not worth obsessing over what others eat because you can’t control them.

Whether they decide to eat a doughnut or drink a soda doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Be mindful of your health habits, sleep patterns, and routine; everything else will fall into place.

Work with your body and listen to it.

If you are preparing to undergo a weight loss surgery, you must know why you’re doing it. For example, some people want to lose weight before getting married, while others want to reach their ideal size so they can play with their children without feeling exhausted or self-conscious.

Whatever your reason is, write it down and stick it on your refrigerator door or somewhere else where you’ll see it every day. Remind yourself of your senses when times get tough and ensure that you stay motivated throughout your journey. After all, if something isn’t making you happy anymore (your body included), then there’s no reason to continue holding onto it.

Be kind to yourself, treat yo self.

As with any significant lifestyle change, being kind to yourself is crucial during your journey. The best way to lose weight safely is also a way that you can actually live with long-term.

Be prepared, set realistic expectations, and know that everyone who’s ever tried it has had moments of doubt or frustration. At times you may even want to throw in the towel; it’s essential to have something else you love that you can do instead, just in case those feelings come up again.

Is Lizzo vegan?

lizzo weight loss

Yes, Lizzo is vegan and also a massive advocate of a vegan lifestyle. However, she recommends that vegans eat tons of plant-based protein to keep up with their active lifestyles (which I’m sure you will do!). In fact, protein is actually one of Lizzo’s go-to foods when trying to lose weight.

According to Lizzo, tofu and hummus are great ways to consume a ton of protein without consuming tons of fat. Therefore, she recommends adding tofu or extra hummus into your diet if you’re trying to lose some pounds without sacrificing flavor! In addition, one thing that separates vegans from other vegetarians is their consumption of beans as an excellent source of fiber.

Lizzo height

5’5; Lizzo pre-surgery weight: 300 pounds; Lizzo surgery date: May 5, 2018. After having a baby and struggling with my self-esteem, I knew I needed to take control of my body before my health declined.

To do that, I made sure to speak with all of my doctors before deciding on gastric sleeve surgery. Once I finally decided it was time and found a great surgeon, I kept things in perspective by setting some goals.

lizzo net worth

Lizzo has been making music since 2010 and has released multiple EPs and two full-length albums. Although she’s best known for her 2018 song Truth Hurts, released alongside singer Saweetie, Lizzo has made a name for herself thanks to collaborations with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Missy Elliott.

A long list of accomplishments may not surprise, considering that Lizzo was previously a contestant on NBC’s The Voice in 2013. In 2019, Lizzo appears ready to make another mark on pop culture—this time via a sexier image.

How did Lizzo get rich?

Lizzo is quite possibly a millionaire by now. As of late 2018, Forbes listed her total net worth at a cool $4 million, which is actually a lot of cash to be carrying around for someone who’s only 33.

Plus, with 3 albums under her belt and a 4th on its way in 2019… I would assume Lizzo isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon! So how did she get there? And how can we follow in Lizzo’s footsteps? Three main factors got Lizzo where she is today: hustle, creativity, and consistency.

Favorite Quotes from Lizzo

It’s weird… I don’t really have a problem with any part of my body. Sure, it’s not ‘ideal,’ but I’m cool with it. That said, something drives me absolutely insane every time I step on a scale and see what my ‘actual’ weight is (usually well over 200 pounds) compared to my ‘ideal’ weight (anything less than 180).

It’s one of those things where you know you’re putting effort into your health, but no matter how hard you try to lose weight, you just can’t seem to get there.


The Biggest Loser has been on television since 2004, so clearly, viewers are captivated by watching people lose significant amounts of weight. Unfortunately, however, weight-loss strategies shown on television aren’t always accurate or long-lasting.

While it may be good to be surrounded by support while losing weight and learning to live a healthier lifestyle, taking diet pills and drinking diet shakes is not an effective way to lose significant amounts of body fat. Follow Lizzo’s advice, and you can learn about living a healthy lifestyle that will make you happy—and healthy—long after your show ends.

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