What is the Essential Keto Cookbook health tips?

What are the Essential Keto Cookbook health tips?

keto cookbook health tips

 hey I’m Louise and I want to show you how in just a few days you can compel your body to burn fat and have a ton more energy however if you are like me then you’re probably a bit skeptical right now after all you’ve seen and heard all the secret

and weird tricks that have supposed to help you lose weight fast and chances are like me you’ve tried some of those tricks or systems before and you are frustrated by your lack of results now if that’s the case then I want to tell you two things first this is not a tip or trick I want to show you how your body’s supposed to work and how to get it back to that point second if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past or if you’re often tired then

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I want to show you how this is particularly important for you now more on this in a moment my name is Louise and I run Aikido summit calm and what I’m going to show you relates to a ketogenic diet but whether you’ve heard of ketogenic or Kido or ketosis it doesn’t really matter what matters is how your body works how it got broken and how you’re going to fix it and honestly although this took me many years to figure out and believe it’s quite

simple you see your body was created to burn two different things for fuel this is actually built into our biology it was built to burn both fat and sugar but the thing is your body can only store a very small amount of sugar while it can store a lot of fat and the reason it works this way is because sugar is meant to be a short term fuel source and fat a space be a long term fuel source and it’s a very good thing it means you can store most of your energy as fat and you don’t need to eat 24 hours a day every day it also means that your ancestors could potentially have survived weeks or even longer at times when they couldn’t find food but of course this is a huge problem these days and that’s exactly why so many people have become obese and have been unable to lose weight because of our modern diets mostly processed junk food high in sugar we’ve completely disrupted our natural

biological sister so after years of eating badly your body can lose its ability to efficiently burn fat as fuel now here’s what happens when your body is bad at burning fat for fuel whenever you run out of sugar in your body which is often a few hours after eating you will quickly feel tired and a moody does this sound familiar now this is because you’ve burned through most of the sugar in your body and your body and brain can’t get energy from the fat in your body yet you end up being hungry all the time because even though you can store food as fat your body can’t access that stored energy so you just eat more food and gain more weight and when you do try to lose weight you end up feeling hungry and tired all the time and that’s because your body doesn’t know how to get at that energy so you don’t burn much energy and you can’t lose weight no matter how little you eat now if this

goes on for a long time then you start developing a ton of serious health problems because your body becomes inflamed and it’s unable to process metabolize the foods you eat listen or this might sound a bit complicated but all you need to remember is this your body is supposed to be able to use both sugar and fat for energy but because of an unhealthy modern diet your body loses that ability which usually leads you to being overweight low on energy and unhappy now remember that I told you this is especially important if you’re often tired or if you’ve had trouble losing weight before and the reason for that is because those the symptoms are being metabolically inflexible of course that’s just a fancy

term and saying that your body is no longer good at burning fat for energy it gets stuck burning just sugar which is probably why you also have sugar cravings as well now if your metabolic Li inflexible then what I’m going to show you today it’s so much more important because you can actually compel your body to start burning fat again and this is something that scientists actually discovered over 100 years ago and have been using for a long time and the simplest and healthiest way to do this is just by eating a keto diet and it’s sometimes also called a ketogenic diet the way it works is you simply eat fewer sugars and carbohydrates and when you do this your body naturally stops using sugar as energy and switches instead to burning fat as energy and when this happens is called nutritional ketosis if ourselves – simple easy or good to be true then just stop and imagine it with me for a moment if you’re eating sugar and carbohydrates every day then your body knows it’s going to have enough sugar to burn for energy so your body keeps relying on that sugar on the other hand if you go even just three or four days without very much sugar or carbohydrates then your body suddenly realizes it must find another source of energy after all your body is not going to let you starve just because it refuses to burn fat and when this happens then all of a sudden you start burning and losing fat your energy increases because there’s a ton of energy stored in your fat and your mood and Happiness skyrocket because your brain is suddenly also full of energy and this isn’t a trick or a fad it’s a return to how we ate before our daily lives became consumed with frappuccinos and granola bars to constantly prop up our blood sugar and ketogenic diets have been linked to a bunch of benefits and a ton of scientific studies from greater mental energy and reduced hunger to weight loss and more stapl moods as well as possibilities for preventing and treating many neurological and cardiovascular diseases and even


cancer and the best part is that a keto diet is very simple and healthy to follow a keto diet takes you back to the foods that we were built on to thrive Whole Foods like fish healthy fats eggs meats organ meats green leafy vegetables berries and nuts and seeds because as you know our bodies weren’t really designed to eat donuts pizza and milkshakes however even though Aikido date is pretty simple if you’ve been eating processed foods for a long time then the switch to Akita date can be hard at first truthfully it can be hard to imagine what you can possibly eat or cook after all you can eat bread pasta cereal or pizza I had this problem when I first started and so many of my readers that Kiedis amacom had the exact same issue so that’s why we created the essential kita cookbook which contains over 120 recipes designed to help you easily stick to a keto diet lose weight and regain your energy this cookbook also helps you create meals and snacks that fight off cravings as well save you

a bunch of money at the grocery store by using ingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive you’ll soon be enjoying foods like creamy breakfast porridge bacon lime time muffins coconut chicken curries as well as fat bombs like chocolate truffles we’ve included over a hundred and twenty of our absolute best keto recipes covering you from breakfast to snacks to dinner to desserts plus to get you started with keto even faster and easier we’re gonna throw in over $100 worth of free bonuses today so please check them out below I really want you to eat well but most of all I want to help you regain your energy and lose weight without spending all your time obsessing about food I want you to be able to live your life while also loving and nourishing your body and this cookbook is a great way to get started doing that so please scroll down grab your copy now and let’s start turning your body back into the fat-burning machine that it’s supposed to be

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