Why do Bodybuilders Tan? Here’s what we know.

The tanning beds at your local salon aren’t just used by the occasional sun-worshipper who got burned at the beach one summer, they’re also popular among bodybuilders looking to achieve deep, dark skin tone quickly. But Why do bodybuilders tan? There are plenty of potential reasons – here are a few of them.

Why do bodybuilders tan

why do bodybuilders tan

Tanning is a cosmetic procedure that’s typically done with ultraviolet radiation (or UV rays) from tanning beds or booths, though it can also be done with self-tanner lotions, spray tans, and sunbathing. The most common reason why people start tanning is to look better—especially for spring break, prom, and other formal events like weddings.

Many of these occasions call for more formal attire; if you plan on wearing a white suit or evening gown, you’ll want to be at your best! You might not realize it yet, but your skin color is one of your most visible features.

In fact, studies have shown that lighter-skinned individuals are more likely to get hired than darker-skinned individuals in some countries. That said, there are plenty of reasons why people who aren’t in search of an employment opportunity may choose to tan as well.

Some just find it fun while others use it as a way to release endorphins—the happy hormones our bodies produce when we exercise or experience positive emotions. For example, many athletes will go out into the sunlight after they win an important game because they feel so good about themselves and their performance.

Some even go so far as to take sunbaths right after they train because they believe exposure helps them recover faster and feel better overall.

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  • Why do bodybuilders tan?
  • Tanning stimulates melanin production for better and faster results
  • I will leave you looking and feeling tanned
  • Professional tanning solutions for best results

The Basics: Exercise and Skin Color

Why do bodybuilders tan

Exercise is good for your health, but it can also affect how you look. What you might not realize, though, is that some of those changes might not be for the better. For example, those who work out regularly may notice that their skin color gets darker or tans differently than others.

If you’re looking to beef up your workout routine and improve your physique, remember to keep these things in mind, and don’t get discouraged if they don’t match up with conventional beauty standards.

No matter what you do to take care of yourself or focus on improving yourself physically, said Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Rothman, you’re going to have a certain appearance. And there’s no reason to apologize for that!

The Basics: Skin Cells and Melanin

Skin cells regenerate themselves constantly, and they make a new skin that contains melanin to darken your skin when you get a tan. Why is it necessary for your skin to darken? We asked Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, director of Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery and associate clinical professor at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., why muscle-bound beach bods have to be so tanned.

The darker your skin tone, the more melanin you have in your skin, she told us over email.

Epidermis and Eumelanin (Skin Tones)
Why do bodybuilders tan

Unlike other mammals, humans are born without fur or any kind of protective coat. And while our naked skin might seem like a liability, it’s actually one of our greatest assets, allowing us to feel and sense heat and cold quickly so that we can find shelter from extreme temperatures or become more active in warmer weather.

A high concentration of eumelanin (dark pigment) in our skin also protects us from UV radiation as well as natural chemical reactions that occur as a result of being outside all day in different weather conditions—we wouldn’t last long at all if our bodies weren’t able to adapt to these conditions on their own! But why is there such a high concentration of eumelanin in some parts of our bodies but not others?

The Difference Between Casual Tanning and Professional Tanning

When it comes to sunscreen, most people don’t really think much of it; they slap on a 30 SPF and go about their day, thinking they are protected from burns and cancer. But while they may be protected from immediate burns, these sunscreens are not effective in providing adequate protection against skin cancer down the road. Why?

The active ingredient in many sunscreens—Zinc Oxide—only absorbs UVB rays (and even then only around 20%). And UVA (the bad one) doesn’t care if you just got out of a day at the beach or walking around your neighborhood; if there is enough exposure to light and air, any UVA damage will cause skin cancer to develop in both casual tanners and professionals alike.

How Do Pro Bodybuilders Tan in Advance of Competitions?

A lot of people think that pro bodybuilders are so tanned because they spend most of their time in a tanning bed, but that’s not really true. In fact, you won’t see many pro bodybuilders lying in a tanning bed at all! Instead, these individuals have figured out how to get that Oompah Loompah orange look without ever going under a lamp or getting spray-tanned by professionals.

Read on to learn more about how pro bodybuilders get so tanned before competitions and why they choose to use certain methods over others!
So why don’t professional bodybuilders just hit up a local salon for some spray tan services? It’s certainly an option, especially if they want to avoid any excessive damage from exposure to UV rays.

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However, there are also several reasons why guys would rather stay away from indoor tanning beds entirely: For one thing, it can be really expensive if you go frequently. Second of all (and I am speaking from personal experience here), men have been known to accidentally walk around with visible stains for up to three days after visiting a salon for spray tans.

One small mishap can turn into multiple black dots and lines on your arms/face/wherever you got sprayed—you don’t want anyone seeing that stuff until after your competition is over!

What Is Spray Tanning?

Why do bodybuilders tan

You may think of spray tanning as a way to get a tanned look without hitting up those UV rays, but did you know that it’s also used in many industries for specialized applications? For example, farmers use spray tans to keep cattle hides looking fresh and appealing to buyers or when leather needs to be artificially colored or preserved.

Tanning products are used for art and in other consumer products like cosmetics and soaps, too! If you’re wondering why bodybuilders have to be so tan, consider these specialized uses for spray tanning products! Spray tanning is a truly innovative technology with widespread application.

Spray tanning works by spraying a solution onto your skin that contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which reacts with amino acids on your skin to create a brown pigment called melanoidin.

The process takes about 20 minutes, though results vary depending on factors like skin type and humidity levels. When spray tanning first came out in 1998, most people thought they were just getting rid of their winter pallor—but nowadays they know better! While natural tanners still make up 90% of consumers who use spray tans, there has been a 10% increase in people using them for special purposes.

What About Skin Cancer Risks with UV Exposure?

There are some risks of exposure to UV rays, and skin cancer is one of them—but it’s important to note that skin cancer risk is not just associated with tanning beds. According to research in JAMA Dermatology, just staying out in natural sunlight long enough can also cause skin cancer.

It’s best to get your daily dose of vitamin D from food sources or supplements—avoid overexposure when you can, especially if you have a family history of skin cancer. Remember: Your health matters most, and so does your potential for building muscle mass!

Will the Use of Tanning Beds Increase Life Expectancy, Longevity, or Life Span?

Will getting a tan increase your life expectancy, longevity, or life span by any noticeable amount? No, it won’t. Most people think that exposure to UV light in tanning beds is healthy because it gives you a base to build on when you go out into the sun later on—but even if that were true (which it isn’t), there’s no scientific evidence suggesting that over-exposure to UV rays will extend your life (only your appearance).

Tanning experts agree: If you’re looking for health benefits, avoid indoor tanners and instead spend time outside in direct sunlight. You can also supplement with Vitamin D pills or shakes; many sunless tanners will be enriched with Vitamin D—but don’t expect it to offer many other health benefits.

Instead, focus on getting plenty of exercises and eating a balanced diet full of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and low-fat dairy products. Your skin doesn’t need to be dark brown or tan at all—and in fact, it shouldn’t! Letting yourself get too dark could actually lead to an increased risk of skin cancer down the road.

So how much is too much? The American Academy of Dermatology recommends keeping your UV exposure below SPF 15/PPD 4 (about 15 minutes per day) while avoiding indoor tanning altogether.

why do bodybuilders tan so much?

Excessive sun exposure can age your skin, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The chemicals used in tanning beds and in some self-tanners can be harsh on your skin, causing irritation and premature aging as well.

If you’re going to use a self-tanner or visit a tanning salon, be sure to take extra care to protect your skin with products like sunscreen and moisturizer beforehand to prevent damage. Why do bodybuilders have to be so tan: It’s not necessarily because they want to; it’s because they have no choice! When you lift weights, your muscles release an enzyme called myostatin that inhibits muscle growth.


To offset that effect, many people choose to get really tan before competitions. Because myostatin is inhibited by UV rays from sunlight, getting really dark means more muscle growth when their competition rolls around.

Why do bodybuilders need to look big all year round: For their muscles to appear full and defined all year long (even when they aren’t lifting), many people resort to taking anabolic steroids—which are known for shrinking testicles (and other unpleasant side effects).

However, these drugs also inhibit myostatin production and therefore help build muscle mass even without being exposed to sunlight.

why do bodybuilders tan so much? info

Bodybuilders have an abnormal need to be tan because they’re constantly in a competition to see who can have a more muscular physique and more cuts on their abs, to attract members of other sex or even impress themselves.

Why do bodybuilders tan

If you aren’t one of those men who obsesses over being super-tan, your competitors will crush you under their amazing development. Bodybuilders need that kind of oomph when it comes to competing and impressing others with their amazing muscles, otherwise, everyone would just be like Okay, your biceps are totally fine! That would make someone else happy if all that mattered was the size, not if yours is larger than theirs.

They need to look good so they can feel good about themselves and continue working out. The reason why these people get so dark is that they want to look better than everyone else. They don’t care about looking normal but instead want to stand out from the crowd by looking as best as possible.

It might seem weird that people go so far as getting tanned to feel confident enough about themselves, but there are plenty of ways people use self-confidence tricks every day to feel better about themselves.

why do bodybuilders, tan blackface

If you’re a bodybuilder or powerlifter, chances are you’ve sat in front of a sun lamp and absorbed its cancer-causing rays to darken your skin. This practice—often called blackface—is how bodybuilders manage to get those deeply bronzed, chiseled physiques we see at competitions and on Instagram and Facebook photos.

Why do they take such extreme measures to get so dark? And is it safe? We spoke with experts to find out. Why do bodybuilders want to be tan? Because they look better that way. It’s not just because bronze skin makes them look good; there’s science behind it too.

Darker skin has more blood vessels than lighter skin, says cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green, which means when exposed to UV light (like that from a sun lamp), darker complexions will absorb more UV rays than lighter ones—and thereby produce more vitamin D3 and melanin (the stuff that gives our skin color).

If someone was naturally fair-skinned like [redacted], their potential for getting vitamin D would be minimal without exposure to sunlight, says Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, MD and dermatologist in Sacramento, CA.

are bodybuilders strong

It seems like a simple question, but it’s not easy to answer! First of all, bodybuilding isn’t really one exercise; there are a lot of different exercises that fall under its umbrella (including weightlifting and HIIT, among others).

Second, you can be strong without being very muscular. A five-foot-tall woman who can deadlift 100 pounds might have more pure strength than Arnold Schwarzenegger could as an untrained teen (all things being equal) because she works hard and is genetically gifted.

While you CAN tell if someone is strong for their size by looking at them—take a short person who looks muscular—there isn’t any way to gauge how much muscle mass a person has vs.

Is tanning good for bodybuilding?

The connection between working out and being tanned isn’t exactly clear, but there are some good reasons why it makes sense to work out in a tanning bed before competing in a show.

For one thing, your heart is going to be beating at 100 beats per minute for most of your routine, which means you’ll definitely sweat.

When you’re deep into training mode, it can be hard to remember to hydrate properly because you’re so focused on other aspects of your workout; sweating doesn’t happen only when you’re lifting weights or doing cardio—it happens every time your heart pumps blood through your entire body!

A tanning session allows you to get used to a warm room and stay hydrated. It also allows you to practice posing without feeling self-conscious about looking awkward (because who really looks graceful while they’re flexing?).

You don’t want that first time in front of a crowd to be during competition day! It might sound silly, but practicing posing under bright lights will help you feel more comfortable on stage when it counts. And if all else fails, it’s just nice to have something familiar after spending weeks away from home preparing for competition day.

A simple way to get your body structure

Working out can help you gain muscle mass and physical strength, but it’s also a good idea to supplement your routine with other exercise techniques. For example, try different types of stretching to help improve your flexibility; it can be great for developing muscles and improving posture as well as movement and performance on a court or field.

Why do bodybuilders tan


$ 44. .99

There are plenty of options out there—from yoga to dance classes to swimming—so you’re sure to find something that interests you and will help develop your body without further straining your joints in workouts already planned for every week.

Even just adding simple stretches into your warm-up routine could mean lower injury rates and more mobility throughout daily life even if you don’t plan on becoming an avid dancer or athlete anytime soon.

Why are bodybuilders so weak?

There are several reasons why a bodybuilder may seem weak. The simplest reason is that they are just very new to weightlifting and need to build their strength over time; it takes time for your muscles to adapt to weight training and grow, after all.

Other reasons include a lack of consistent, safe training practices and/or proper nutrition: If you aren’t eating enough protein or you aren’t working out safely (and avoiding unnecessary injuries), you won’t be building muscle effectively at all.

Still, another reason could be that these guys aren’t doing heavy enough weights or they’re not challenging themselves—in other words, they’re not putting in maximum effort. It can also be a matter of genetics: Some people simply have bodies that don’t respond well to lifting weights.

This isn’t necessarily bad news! Just because you don’t want big muscles doesn’t mean you can’t get strong by lifting light weights with perfect form—it just means that if you really want bigger arms, legs, shoulders, etc., then maybe you should look into getting some professional help from an experienced trainer who knows how to train people with those goals in mind.

The real reason why bodybuilders tan

Most people think it’s to increase their definition, but that’s actually only part of it (or it may not even be a reason at all!).

The main reason why bodybuilders have to be so tan is that they are always trying to look as muscular as possible, and few things make your muscles stand out more than a dark tan.

Some people also like to use bronzer on top of their regular self-tanner; when you combine both products, you can really get an intense glow! And while it looks nice, all that excess sun exposure comes with its own risks; remember to always wear sunscreen and avoid being outside between 10 am and 4 pm whenever possible.


When you’re building your dream beach-ready physique, it can be easy to overlook details like sun protection. But just because you’re a serious gym rat doesn’t mean you should ignore skin cancer and premature aging from too much sun exposure. These tips will help keep your skin safe while achieving that sought-after bronzed look.

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